Simon Baconnier

Scientific by training (PhD in Biophysics,) has move to international and transversal collaboration. Simon has been involved in about 10 different EU projects including 4 in the nanomedicine field (NANO2LIFE, EUNCL, NOBEL, REFINE). Simon has experienced different industrial environment, including the start-up environment (GenopĂ´le Start up cluster and Antineo) and the pharma company (OncoTherapy Science France).

His different experiences are connected by a medical innovation thread including nanotechnologies.

Simon most recent position as EUNCL operational coordinator puts him at the forefront of nanotechnology for medicine developers in a multidisciplinary environment including physics, chemistry, and biology as well as regulatory, medical development and production. With a clinical sensitivity Simon has worked and is still working at the bridging of these different community on a daily basis to serve the nanomedicine and biomedical stakeholders.