Letizia Ubiglia

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Technical Research & Development GDD Pharmaceutical

Letizia Ubiglia is Drug Product Project Leader TRD PHAD Oral, late Phase Novartis AG, Switzerland.

Letizia has a degree in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologies obtained in 2006 from the University of Pavia after internship of a 18 months with the compilation  of experimental thesis in collaboration with Skyepharma. She also obtained Master degree in 2009 in Preformualtion and Analytical characterization from University of Pavia.

Letizia started her career in 2006 as a Junior Scientist in Eurand, becoming in 2009 Associate Scientist and in 2015 Group Leader of the Formulation Development department, developing her knowledge in formulation of dosage oral form immediate and modified release with a focus on paediatric field, especially in taste making and in the increase of administration easiness.

In 2015 joined the Clinical Manufacturing Department in Aptuit, Verona, as Team Leader and Formulation Scientist, taking care of product technical transfer and clinical supply of 10 different Aptuit clients big and mid size pharma companies. The following year Letizia moved to Basel to started her job as Formulation Project Leader in Novartis AG, dealing with development of paediatric formulation. In 2019 Letizia became Drug Product Project Leader in Late Phase Oral. She is active member of Novartis paediatric network as representative of biopharmaceutics topic and technological aspect. She is part of Novartis initiative for the characterization of paediatric biorelevant fluids/media, tool box for Preclincial screening in Early Phase.

Letizia was Novartis member of EuPFi till 2018.