Daniel Bar-Shalom

University of Copenhagen

Associate Professor at the Institute of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, and at Bioneer, a non-for-profit  organization, servicing the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries. He is a pharmacist and a biologist. He has owned and managed a compounding pharmacy where he gained insight into the problems of compliance and acceptance of formulations by the patients. Started Egalet, a drug-delivery company where he worked for more than 20 years. The technologies being Egalet, (erosion controlled release dosage forms) and Parvulet (a pediatric formulation). He consults the pharmaceutical, medical-device and cosmetic industries, many of his inventions have matured into marketed products. He is involved in initiatives to improve the medication of pediatric and geriatric therapies and formulations. His “leitmotif” is patient-centric products. He is the inventor of numerous patents, authored papers, reviews, book chapters and assiduously presents his - often unconventional - views in meetings, symposia and interest groups. He is the co-editor of the AAPS/Springer book “Pediatric Formulations: A roadmap” (2014). Recently, two more companies were founded based on his inventions: Medilet, to market “Dualet”, a dual-chamber syringe for the pre-filled delivery of injectable but labile compounds and Tenacious, owned together with the other four co-inventors for the development of novel buccal carriers of drugs. Apart from teaching pharmaceutical technology, he lectures on intellectual property to pharmacy and business-school students from the inventor’s perspective. He has been involved with the Controlled Release Society, CRS and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, AAPS as member, invited speaker, presenter, moderator, workshop organizer, as Chairman of the Board of Scientific Advisors for the CRS and more.