Christel Bergstrom

Dr Bergström is Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics at Uppsala University, Sweden, and adjunct Associate Professor at Monash University, Australia. She is heading a research group of ~20 people focusing on delivery of problematic compounds (poorly solubles, biologics). She is in the steering committee of the Swedish Drug Delivery Forum where she also leads the Oral Drug Delivery Platform with drug delivery to the colon and intestinal absorption of biologics being in focus. Dr Bergström has attracted funding to her research program from highly competitive sources, including the European Research Council, the Swedish Research Council, the National Institute of Health and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. She has published 86 papers and book chapters and have been cited >3600 times (h-index of 32).

Dr Bergström is a cofounder of the Nordic Pharma Network and an EXCO member of a recently awarded NordForsk grant for a Nordic University Hub within patient-oriented products (the Nordic POP inititative). She is also an EXCO member of the Globalization Pharmaceutics Education Network. In 2017, she was elected Deputy Dean of collaboration (Medicine and Pharmacy) at Uppsala University. In this role, she is engaged in outreach activities, identification and establishment of strategic partnerships, interactions with governmental departments of importance for health and education, as well as increasing the academic awareness of the innovation system. In 2018, she became one out of five associate editors for the journal Molecular Pharmaceutics.