Chezy Barenholz

Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School

Professor Emeritus Yechezkel Barenholz is at the Hebrew-University faculty since 1968, received Ph.D. in 1971, became a Professor in 1981. He was a visiting Professor, teaching at leading Universities world-wide (see attached C.V.).  Barenholz’s current research focuses on development of liposome-based nano-drugs, as best exemplified by the anticancer drug Doxil®, the first nano-drug approved by the FDA (1995) with over 650,000 cancer-patients treated so-far world-wide. Three of Barenholz’s other liposomal drugs (for osteoarthritis, local pain, and inflammation) are now in clinical trials. This success stems from Barenholz’s major achievements in membrane and lipid biochemistry and biophysics including the concept of membrane “fluidity”. Barenholz is author in >415 publications (cited >35,500 times, h-index 93). His research was supported by major grant agencies (NIH, EU, ISF, BSF, GIF etc.). He is a co-inventor in >55 granted patents, half of are licensed, and founder of six start-ups: NasVax (now Therapix), Moebious, PolyPid, LipoCureRX, Ayana and Re-BioticRX. He received many national and international awards related to Bio-Medicine (see attached list). Among his many contributions  are:  The “Barenholz Prize” to encourage excellence and innovation of Israeli Ph.D. students in Applied Sciences, being the head  and a founder of the steering committee of the new BioMed-.MBA program at the Hebrew-University School of Business-administration, and being the initiator and organizer of an online ‘playbook’ that maps ecosystem resources and stakeholders which is powered by 8400 The “Health Network” and VATAT. All the latter aim at building the network needed for enabling a thriving Israeli BioMed ecosystem.