Annette Bak


Annette Bak, Ph.D., MBA leads Advanced Drug Delivery at Astra Zeneca and serves on the Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Innovative Medicines Leadership Teams, the latter as a Chief Chemist. Since joining AstraZeneca in 2016, Annette has been instrumental in delivering new modality formulations for clinical studies, notably VEGF mRNA for cardiac regeneration, building intracellular drug delivery capabilities, and sponsoring initiatives on augmenting drug discovery with artificial intelligence. Working across Sweden, UK, and the US, Annette previously worked for Amgen and Merck in the US with responsibility for small molecule and peptide formulations, building outsourcing partnerships in China, in licensing and partnership evaluations, and contributing to getting small molecule therapies to the market. Annette has published more than 35 articles, has more than 35 invited presentations, and serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She holds several patents for pharmaceutical technologies enabling drug delivery of small molecules and biologics. A board member of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists responsible for heading the strategic transformation of the associationís organizational structure into online communities and for leading the ìWomen in Pharmaceutical Sciencesî brand making her an internationally known advocate of career development for women.