Ann L. Daugherty


Ann L. Daugherty, Ph.D. is currently a Senior Manager in the Drug Delivery department at Genentech, Inc..  She identifies promising external delivery technologies for application to Genentech’s pipeline of protein drugs, setting up feasibility study agreements as well as managing relationships and projects with technology partners.  A biopharmaceutical scientist with training and experience in pharmacokinetics and biocompatibility, Dr. Daugherty’s interests are in integrating all of the various aspects of drug delivery to provide an optimized product for patients.

In addition to studying ocular delivery for the past decade, over her career Ann has studied alternative routes of administration for protein drugs such as oral, pulmonary, nasal and even transdermal delivery, and is now ardently investigating the delivery of protein therapeutics to the CNS to treat neurodegenerative diseases.  Prior to attending graduate school at the University of California, Davis and the University of Geneva, and then joining Genentech, she started her career in drug delivery at Alza, working on the controlled oral and transdermal delivery of small molecules.