YSC: Get Up Get Educated: Science Communication

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 - 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM
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Looking to bring public interest in your project? Have a great project proposal in your mind but cannot get grant panel or investors to understand you? Feeling like you can’t get the meaning of your science across? Then you need to know how to better communicate your science to your audience. Come along to this session to get the tips and tricks on how to express your work effectively with more clarity to achieve your goals.

Are you passionate about your research or science in general? Have you tried to explain to others what you are doing in your research work, e.g. to family, friends, peers, employers but found it difficult to get that message across? Do you feel a bit scared and/or clueless how to present your work? In this presentation I will talk about my own journey to become an effective science communicator. You will see how adequate communication will benefit your career, not only in science but in general, and I will share some of the pitfalls when interacting with various audiences, in particular media. In an interactive and entertaining session we will debunk the mystery of science communication and prepare you for your next presentation.